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Bienvenue à Harvest Boulangerie Pâtisserie

Scarborough Beach - Perth

Savour every Moment with our Handcrafted Delights

All our bread and pastries are prepared and baked fresh daily on premises. We are meticulous and take great pride of our work, cutting no corners to give you the best experience of Artisan French Bakery.

We proudly use Western Australian produce as much as possible, support local farmers and artists. Our bread is made using Eden Valley Organic Flour and 100% Natural Sourdough. Pastries and cakes contain W.A. Golden Free Range eggs.

Our range is evolving with the seasons and we create new items on inspiration. Thank you for your support.

Merci de votre soutien et bonne dégustation!

Freshly Baked

All our bread and pastries are prepared and baked fresh daily on premises.

Best Local Ingredients

We proudly use Western Australian produce as much as possible.

Traditional French Recipes

Cutting no corners to give you the best experience of Artisan French Bakery.

Discover Our All‑Time Bestsellers

French Plain Croissant - Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

Morning Magic Unleashed

Elevate your day with our Classic Plain Croissant!

Is there any better way to start the day with a flaky, buttery French Croissant? Our golden brown Classic Plain Croissant is baked freshly every morning for your truly French experience in Scarborough, Western Australia. A crisp outer shell, thin layers infused with butter for a soft and tender insight… Each croissant is carefully handcrafted by our skilled bakers who are dedicated to preserving the art of traditional pastry-making. We are proud to announce that our Plain Croissant won the Perth Royal Food Awards Silver Medal.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Perfection

Relish our gourmet Ham and Cheese Croissant!

Try our gourmet Ham and Cheese Croissant – a delicious fusion of culinary craftsmanship and savoury flavours, combining the flakiness of a classic French croissant with the mouthwatering duo of juicy ham and rich cheese. Our Ham and Cheese Croissants are freshly handcrafted in our bakery in Scarborough, with premium ingredients only, ensuring the highest quality of each single one.

The perfect snack for any occasion, at any time of the day! Whether you’re starting your day with a satisfying breakfast, hosting a brunch gathering, or seeking a savoury snack, our gourmet Ham and Cheese Croissant is the perfect choice.


Fruit Danishes - Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

Fruity Bliss in Every Pastry

Delight in our vibrant Fruit Danishes!

Get ready to embark on a flavour adventure! At Harvest Boulangerie Pâtisserie, we’ve taken the art of Danish pastries to a whole new level with our exquisite Fruit Danish collection. From Apple and Apricot to Blueberry, Raspberry, Apple-Rhubarb, and Cherry, our Fruit Danishes offer a taste of pure delight. Among our treats, they are some of our most beloved best-sellers. Try one (or all) and see why our customers can’t get enough of them.

Creamy Dreams Come True

Savour the perfection of our Crème Brûlée Danish!

Brace yourself to satisfy your sweet tooth with our Crème Brûlée Danish, a delightful fusion of culinary traditions! This is where buttery pastry meets creamy vanilla custard with that crispy caramelized sugar on top. Whether you’re starting your morning with a touch of decadence or treating yourself to a bite of pure joy in the afternoon (also known as ‘le goûter’ in France), our Crème Brûlée Danish is the perfect anytime indulgence. Don’t wait, grab your Crème Brûlée Danish today.

Creme Brûlée Danish - Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie
French Eclairs - Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

A Trio of Temptations

Discover bliss in our exquisite Eclairs!

At Harvest Boulangerie Pâtisserie, we’re proud to offer a classic French pastry that has become one of our best-sellers. Choose from our variety of Eclairs – be it chocolate, vanilla, or coffee – each one crafted to perfection. With this pastry, our aim is to bring the authentic taste of this classic French delight to Perth. Explore our eclair collection today and savour what makes them a beloved choice.

From France with Love

Enjoy the finest Baguette at our bakery!

Don’t miss out on our 100 % Organic Baguette. Crafted with precision and made from the finest organic ingredients, this bread captures the authentic essence of France. We use traditional techniques and the finest organic ingredients to create this artisan gem. Explore our Organic Baguette and savour the flavours of France.

French Baguette - Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

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It’s the perfect way to enjoy the artisanal creations from Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie hassle-free!

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Monday to Sunday 6 a.m to 3 p.m

2/22 Scarborough Beach Road Scarborough 6019 WA


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