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Sausage Hot Dog Croissant

$9.90 inc. GST

Say goodbye to ordinary hot dogs and indulge in our handcrafted Sausage Hot Dog Croissant! This culinary masterpiece combines the classic appeal of a hot dog with the flaky, golden layers of a croissant, creating a mouthwatering experience perfect for any occasion: The ideal snack for busy days, picnics, or a standout addition to your brunch assortment. Order your Gourmet Hot Dog Croissants today!


The inspiration behind our Hot Dog Croissant was to elevate the classic hot dog, turning a familiar favourite into a culinary indulgence. Bon appétit!



Egg, Milk, Wheat, Mustard


Store your Sausage Hot Dog Croissants in the refrigerator in an airtight container to maintain their freshness. For an extended shelf life, consider freezing them. When ready to enjoy, reheat in a preheated oven to restore their flaky perfection.